July 4, 2015


Zign heeled sandals from Zalando.com, HERE

Hiyaa! Work has kinda taken a hold of me lately, so haven't been able to update as much as I'd like to. But this is how it happens to be right now and I gotta make things work with the time that I've got. Pretty simple, yet a little unfortunate of course.

Anyhow, here's a couple of shots I took of this lovely pair of shoe newcomers I ordered  a few weeks ago. I was specifically searching for '70s inspired square toed ones with moderately high heel in timeless black. And these pretty much filled the criteria 100%. Here's a perfect example how comfort AND class do come in the same package as well. They're definitely gonna be my summer go-to shoes fo ssshoooo!

/Tän kesän pahin kenkäkuumotus: korkosandaalit neliökärjellä. Ah, niin retroa :P

June 25, 2015


jacket CUBUS | jeans & crop top H&M | shoes ZIGN (from zalando.fi) HERE | backpack 2ND HAND | flower crown GLITTER (gift)

Allrighty, so here's the whole boho/hippie chic inspired look from midsummer. No sun, no clear blue sky but despite that, I  think the feel in these pics is still kinda cool. We came to the conclusion with my sis (who also took these lovely shots btw) that this would be a pretty damn suitable festival get-up as well! Hmmm, maybe I'll come up with something similar to wear at Flow festival in August...Oh, why is it so far awaaaayy!! Although I don't want this summer to go any faster either, haha confusing. Oh, and I don't mean to blind anyone with my milky pale skin either, a nice tan would be really welcomed indeed :-D

/Hippi/boho-muotiaalloista inspiraationsa imenyt yohannus-asukombo tässä vihdoin kokonaisuudessaan. Linssin takana urheasti häärineen siskon kanssa todettiin, että tässä olis myös enemmän kuin asianmukainen lookki kesän festaririentoihin ja saatanpa jotain vastaavanlaista päälleni kiskoa elokuun Flow-meininkeihin. Mutta ei mietitäkään sitä elokuuta sitten sen enempää...kun saatais tää kesä vaikka ensin kunnolla alulleen, oiskohan mitään? Heinäkuu kolkuttelee ovella ja tänään hytisin farkuissa, teepparissa ja nahkarotsissa +14 asteessa  O__O. Hyi. Ja anteeks jos/kun sokaisen ihmisiä tällä kalkkunankalpealla hipiälläni. Pieni bruna olis tosiaan aika poikaa...

June 21, 2015


Evening there,

How did everyone's midsummer go? Mine was pretty rainy and chilly but filled with warm love and laughter despite that :) Took a shit load of photos so I'm gonna do a few separate posts of them this week. Here's a little peek to the outfit I wore on Friday, and NO it certainly wasn't THAT warm, had to keep a jacket (and wool socks) on the whole weekend, meh. But I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet, NO-HOO SIR I'm sure the bikini weather's just around the corner! And I'll hold on to that thought until it's first of September 8D

Have a great start for the week errrbodyyyy! :]