In a Nutshell: A blog dedicated to fashion only. Sharing my passion and personal take on it through styling myself.

And a little background:

Hey guys,

Here's a blog dedicated fully to fashion and style matters. Founded the site in the summer of 2011 but I think I've only started finding my own thing during the past couple of years. À LA MODE works as an outlet for my personal interest and excitement towards the ever-changing and visually enjoyable world of fashion as well as a channel for sharing them with like-minded people. If someone leaves this site feeling inspired or excited, that's a huge personal victory for me. 

I really don't know how to categorize my style (or if I even want to) but I'd describe it as current, playful, urban and somewhat Scandinavian. I prefer contrasts and often like to mix up feminine & masculine/soft & rough elements together. Basically I'm pretty open-minded for taking influences from any kinds of styles with the exception of really gothic, bohemian or romantic country kinda stuff. I get excited about new trends pretty easily but soon notice if they truly work for me or not. 

Fashion for me means fun, fantasy, dreams, experimentation and escape. It shouldn't be taken too seriously but not be dismissed as purely superficial junk either. I follow what's going on in the field actively through blogs, mags, social media and sites like style.com or street style photo galleries. Making wishlists and surfing through different online fashion stores belongs to my daily (and somewhat obsessed?) routine as well as envisioning and planning different looks to wear. With the future in mind, working in the field of fashion and/or media definitely feels intriguing...

Hope you enjoy your visit! Keep on inspiring and being inspired...: )


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