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Pakkasta liikaa. Pukeutumisinspis lähtenyt läksimään.
//It's freakin' freezing. Feeling totally uninspired.


Ansma said...

sun asut on aina niin upeita !

Outi said...

Kiitti aivan älyttömästi, mä tuppaan ite katsomaan niitä toisinaan vähän liiankin kriittisellä silmällä, ja silloin tällaset kommentit kyllä tsemppaavat!! :]

Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska said...

You look so pretty and chic!

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Ansku said...

Tykkään mekostasi!

Kieltämättä pakkaset vähän vaikeuttavat pukeutumispolitiikkaa. Hrr!

Amanda said...

Hello there and thank you for your comment.. I totally agree with what you are saying. I feel the same way too... Its so damn cold and its hard to take photos outside specially when people stare and you know, you get awkward ... But you get use to it, eventually... I dont take pictures everyday unfortunately... During the week days, I take my tripod and remote and shoot at a park or so. But I get most of my "work" done during the weekends... There is a school that has a huge playground where I leave so I go once or twice on Saturday and Sundays and thats it... I wish I could take more pictures and I also wish I could take beautiful photos inside like you do =)... Oh I also wanted to tell you that I adore this look is so you and totally cool... And remember its ok to feel uninspired you will get your inspiration back =)
Have a nice day =)

Nanni said...

Ah oot ihan super. <3