Aah, the smell of movie popcorn...nothing beats it. And the taste isn't bad either :P
Crossing my fingers for Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway at the Oscars tonight (well, tomorrow morning actually). These guys did the performances of their life.
At the finale of the "New Music Song Contest" a few weeks ago. The pics of the actual show turned out crappy so these are unfortunately all I have to offer, sorry :/
cute cocoa :]
Had a little diy hair-dye project going on the other day. The end result didn't quite turn out identical with the package, which I knew to expect, but I think it looks ok enough. You'll see the new due in the next outfit post!
Ready for Easter in my new chick yellow oversize knit I came across at the (apparently never ending) Zara sales.
By far the yummiest fried chicken and noodles I've tasted in a while at this new Chinese place called Chinese Panda Garden :]
Just had to show you my new cool gym pants, haha! And on the right you can see the new Spring look of my bathroom, LOL. Don't ask me why I edited these pics together...


Sanni U said...

Noi adidaksen gym pantsit on niin hienot! Oon itsekin katellu niitä jo useemman kuukauden

Outi said...

Kiittii! Joo mä en oikein muuten edes ikinä raaski ostaa jumppavaatteita noista "oikeista" urheilukaupoista, mutta noi oli Adidakselta kuitenkin sen verran halvat että nyt oli pakko sortua! Uudet kivat salitamineet antaa aina sellasta lisämotivaatiopotkua treenailuun :D

Sanni U said...

Oiiiii mistä löysit noi alennettuna? :)