Yep, it's everywhere and on everyone. In different shapes, lengths and washes. Denim has obviously pretty much always been a real classic that never really goes out of fashion, but this season it surely feels a lot more current and almost overwhelmingly visible than before. I don't know why, but somehow I've always found it a little bit tricky to dress up denim interestingly. However, now I'm beginning to understand that this is just the thing with denim, it's effortlessly cool without too much fuss. 
In addition to the classical skinnies and the retro mom jeans, my definite favorites of current pieces are overalls, a-line skirts and (this comes as a slight shocker, even for myself) at the moment oh-so-fashionable '70s high waist wide legs. Yes people, this might be just the year for some radical denim experimentation...>:)

Now it's bedtime peeps. Will try my best to get some outfit pics taken next week! 


Kudzai said...

I love the denim trend and how timeless it is! Can't wait for it to be warm enough for dungaree dresses and a-line skirts <3 xoxo


Outi Toivola said...

Kudzai: I knoooow, couldn't agree more babe!! ;) <3

laviniah k said...

Lovely denim inspo