Good evening there,

Soooo here's a bunch of photos I took on the press day at Miltton Showroom last week. I knoooow, I'm a little late with these ones but couldn't get this post done earlier due to the circumstances. Anywhooo, me and my fellow blogger gal Sara went to check out the new lines and products which will hit the stores next season. Brands included Björn Borg, Puma, Glitter, Monki, Nespresso, FazerR/H and Adidas among others. I was especially delighted about the amount of sports brands represented and their crazy colorful gear definitely made me miss the gym where I sadly haven't spent that much time lately...Oh well, doesn't stop you from wearing the clothes though, hha!

Unfortunately, since it was pouring with rain that day, we didn't get the chance to take any outfit pics as we had planned. But NOT TO WORRY, my sis came and saved the day (well, actually it was ME who went to see her) and took some shots of the same look later on the weekend! So hooraaayyyy, OOTD coming up next!

Enjoy the rest of your evening/afternoon/morning/whatever folks! :>

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