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Different kinds of 'peeking holes' and cut-outs have definitely been one of the biggest trends at least a few years now and this season wasn't an exception. Actually, the trend was maybe more prominent than ever and I gotta tell ya, I'm totally HOOKED. I think these kinda details bring easily more interest to the garment and they're also a very tasteful and stylish way of showing a little fleshhh. 
Sadly the season for wearing this kinda style is so short in Finland...so better start right away when the weather is showing its first signs of the approaching SUMMER, WHOOOP! I ordered the black one from Asos and it arrived a couple of days ago. It's pretty damn perfection, hope I'll get to show it on the blog soon as well! Keeping my fingers crossed for that nice & warm weather!! :)

/Kurkistusaukot = mun tämän hetken heikkous. :-D Kuvakollaasin musta designer-kopio saapui pari päivää sitten postissa ja oh ah, kyllä kelepaaaaa! Koitetaan saada pian näkyville myös plokin puolelle! :]

photos from style.com

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