Evening there,

How did everyone's midsummer go? Mine was pretty rainy and chilly but filled with warm love and laughter despite that :) Took a shit load of photos so I'm gonna do a few separate posts of them this week. Here's a little peek to the outfit I wore on Friday, and NO it certainly wasn't THAT warm, had to keep a jacket (and wool socks) on the whole weekend, meh. But I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet, NO-HOO SIR I'm sure the bikini weather's just around the corner! And I'll hold on to that thought until it's first of September 8D

Have a great start for the week errrbodyyyy! :]

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Ivana Split said...

my day was alright...it was windy and the wind itself was quite chilly and that's odd for this time of year...but nevertheless, my day wasn't bad. I came up with a great new baking recipe, a twist to a traditional cake.

This outfit you got on is so perfect..love the boho vibe....and those flared jeans are amazing!