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So this is one of the Asos jackets I ordered a while ago, ain't it pretty cute and soft-looking? A winter version of a trusted summer staple, the denim jacket. Aah, I just LOVE the borg lining. And believe it or not, it's quite warm as well although the cropped length obviously makes it unsuitable for the chilliest days...
Outfit pics coming up in a couple of days, hooray!

/Talviversio kesän vakkarivarusteesta. Superpehmoinen karvafarkkurotsi saapui viime viikolla Asoksen paketissa (niitä vähemmän hyisiä) pakkaspäiviä ilahduttamaan. Ja herramunjee asukuviakin ois vielä luvassa! :-D


Dana Nicola said...

Such a cute jacket, cant wait to see it styled!

Dana || fashion-dew.blogspot.com

Outi Toivola said...

Dana Nicola: Thanks dear, i think so too! And soon you will!! :]

Elle said...

Love this jacket, It is a great alternative to a puffer coat, and so cute!
It could go with anything, too!
xx, Elle