Some close-ups of an upcoming look :) Today's been such a waste of breath...I know you're not supposed to say things like that but I'm just so disappointed in myself for not getting ANYTHING done although it was my day off from work. I've basically just been laying on the bed watching series. I was meant to go to the gym and all but my mystery exhaustion (or laziness?) got the best of me. Yes I'm probably being too strict towards myself but it's really hard not to be nowadays when people are running around from one place to another 24/7 and it has sort of become a norm to be on constant move. Well, I guess tomorrow's a new day and a new possibility to be a bit more active, haha. At least I got this little preview post done...: ]

/Pientä esimakua tulevasta asusta, joka lukeutuu kyllä ainakin meikäläisen viimeaikaisiin lemppareihin :))

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