total look from H&M

Wow, that's a LOT of H&M, haha...Didn't even realize it until afterwards. But yeah, this rather simple combo is from yesterday, when i got the chance (those are sadly becoming even more rare these days) to get my photos taken before class at the uni. And yaaayyy, my dreamy and sparkly after-Christmas-sale finding finally got to debut on the blog! Talkin' about the sequin cardi of course, which will also work great as a jacket/coat as soon as the temperature rises. Oh how I long for that to happen...
Also, my little backpack fixation (ehemm) continues to flourish and here you can see the latest newcomer. And how perfect is it?! Seriously, patent leather with moc croc detailing? 'Nough said. Still, needs one in pastel blue or maybe pink and in metallic silver as well...at least! HAHA, what did I say, obsession is an obsession. 

Trying to get this whole blogging thing going again...My deepest thanks to you guys for sticking with me. I must say I got the most loyal bunch of followers and that feels such a privilege. Much love to every single one of you out there. The struggle is real. :P

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