idoverallssweater VERO MODA | overalls H&M | bag ZARA | shoes ASOS | shades NINJA

Phew, FINALLY a bit more Springish vibes in these photos! And omg people, i'm wearing HEELS even! Well, wedges to be exact, but they do count!! :-D Actually, felt really good for a change, though never thought one might say this about walking in heels, haha. But I've missed it, at least you can tell that from the amount of heeled strappy sandals and pumps in my Summer wishlist(s). So, my feet are in for a real treat...NOT. 

Also, another sign of Spring feels is that I've been embracing those bright colors more and more lately, although my love for light pastels hasn't gone anywhere either. Been especially drawn to bright oranges and reds, so luckily had this old turtle neck number in my closet which fits perfectly to the challenging in-between-seasons dressing. Ah, don't you just love the color combo of orange and white?? It's so freshhh (and so clean clean B-D). Can't wait to rock my super comfy overalls (which apparently look like I'm about to paint someone's house, according to my bf) with cool crop tops in the summaaah!

What about you guys? Any particular trends/colors/styles you're loving this moment? :]


TheStylishCupcake Blog said...

Wow, amazing look and photos dear! x


Lucy Mitchell said...

I love the overalls especially mixed with the orange top.

Sunset Desires

Outi Toivola said...

Thanks a lot guuurlssss, i'm glad you like the look! <3 :>